Creating a Side-Chain

Please note that these commands are written in Linux shell syntax. To use on Windows, simply use DOS command prompt syntax.   Step 1: Start up main chain ./magnachaind -daemon -rpcuser=magnachain -rpcpassword=Augusta@123 -datadir=/home/magnachain/L1_1   Step 2: Get new address ./magnachain-cli -rpcuser=magnachain -rpcpassword=Augusta@123 -datadir=/home/magnachain/L1_1 getnewaddress returns: XRUMn1xfYEE7WHUgXwKNNZRAUqoxKCZVLb   Step 3: Create the side-chain ./magnachain-cli -rpcuser=magnachain -rpcpassword=Augusta@123 […]

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