What is MagnaChain?

MagnaChain is a completely new, built from scratch, public Blockchain and related integration toolset used for distributed application (dApp) development.

What makes MagnaChain different from other projects?

Our developers, engineers, and executives have worked on some of the largest games to ever hit the shelves. Our technical team has built infrastructure that manages latency, bottlenecks, multi-threading, and millions of concurrent transactions per second in one of the most technically challenging places on the planet: China. Our relationships in the gaming industry span the entire globe and amount to nearly a century of combined experience.

What language is MagnaChain built in?

The core is built on highly optimized C++. The initial smart contract virtual machine and scripting language is built in Lua– a robust, popular, and Turing-complete scripting language. We’re currently working to add support for other VMs and languages.
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